Daily DAX - OPEN RANGE BREAKOUT Trade Breakouts with the ORB Expert Advisor

Open Range Breakout Expert Advisor Settings

included ORB - Expert Advisor functions:

➥ suitable für all indices and stocks based on CFD      X      X
➥ DE40,US500,US30,USTEC,S&P500,UK100,JP225,HK50 etc.      X      X
➥ Forex and all CFD's with more than 2 digits             X
➥ Reduction of position by partial sale      X      X
➥ fixed loss limit adjustable      X     
➥ temporal open-range settings      X      X
➥ adjustable maximum rangegrösse      X      X
➥ Button für fast manual breakeven and OrderClose      X      X
➥ Stoploss Range High-Low / Middle / High-Low of the profit box      X      X
➥ individual stoploss points adjustable      X     
➥ Trailing stops based on the set stoploss      X      X
➥ Breakeven stop      X      X
➥ Enable Spread Control      X      X
➥ Enable Range Control      X      X
➥ variable profit box with CRV settings      X      X
➥ hidden takeprofit from broker      X     
➥ adjustable buffer (stretch) on Range High and Low      X      X
➥ two pending orders at the high/low of the range      X      X
➥ Pending order conversion to market order      X      X
➥ one pending order deletes the other when activated      X      X
➥ or both orders remain active      X      X
➥ time limit on active pending orders      X      X
➥ Close Time before market closing      X      X
➥ Timeframe M1      X      X
➥ Email Alert      X     
➥ time limit on active pending orders      X      X
➥ Statistics display in EA      X      X
➥ Trend settings üvia Moving Average possible      X      X
➥ 3 year license - no automatic renewal      X      X
➥ Unlimited Möability to change account number      X      X
➥ Updates included      X      X
➥ Helpdesk üvia website      X      X
➥ Weekdays filter      X      X
➥ Chart color customization of displayed boxes      X      X
➥ Update check to newer version      X     
➥ Email support for premium version      X      X

Example Trades

Open Range Breakout Trading System
Shortly after the market opens, the sell stop order becomes active, the price initially runs back, but then ends in profit.
Open Range Breakout Trading System
The price runs cleanly into profit according to 1-2-3 market technique.

Open Range Breakout Trading System
Long sideways phase with late gain in the evening hours
Open Range Breakout Trading System
Here everything is over after 16 min.

5000€ Starting Capital - Demo Account GKFX
22 Trades from 12.09.2018 to 18.10.2018
EA profit: 3634.12 €
Settings in EA changed to breakeven and trailing stop. Two active orders open, the first one runs into loss, then the market turns and the second order ends in profit.

Expert Advisor Settings

Open Range Breakout Trading System Einstellungen

ORB Backtesting

You can test the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester of MetaTrader 4 or 5 depending on the version. The EA uses historical M1 data.

--- Special prices only for a short time! ---

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